Upgrade dynamo in Revit 2023 to get the hot fixes in latest Dynamo 2.16

As many of dynamists users who start work with Revit 2023 , I get stumbled with the bug in node" set parameter value by name " that it refuse to work with any integer inputs , also I have installed Revit 2023 latest hot fix but the dynamo core is still 2.13 so the issue is not solved yet , please if anyone had any advise kindly tell me .

Yep the hotfix didn’t fix it, and there wasn’t a second hotfix unfortunately. There is a daily build that fixes it, but most users don’t install these. It will probably become an update in Revit 2024 at the rate Autodesk is patching Revit these days.

There is a Python based solution here:

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Thank you so much , i have copied the Python Node and made my custom Node and worked .

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