Updating Type Parameter thru Excel, Still not working


I’d like to know how to update Omniclass parameters using Excel?
I’ve only found 1 previous post on the subject but with no feedback to say if it worked or not.

I’ve tried going strait from Excel to Revit but with no success.

Is it because I’m trying to edit them from the project directly and not in the family?
They are read only from the project

But if I edit family they are available

Maybe the approach should be how to edit the families with Dynamo directly, instead of thru the project???


@Jonathan_Roy As indicated in my earlier post on the topic, you might need to alter Omni Class values

Referring to this discussion might help …

@Vikram_Subbaiah, Ok, so I’ll test it out and give feedback afterwards.

@Vikram_Subbaiah, Would you use the same approach to modify Assembly Codes?

@Vikram_Subbaiah I just went thru the Omniclass.dyn and it just reads the Omniclass file. I can’t seem to chop it like your example image either to enable futur list manipulations.

OmniClass_VS.dyn (5.5 KB)
OmniClassTaxonomy_VS.txt (307.9 KB)

My main objective is to be able to push the Omniclass numbers inserted in the excel file to the family in Revit. This process isn’t explained and I can’t make it work either.
Workflow_RVT-XLS_VE_WIP.xls (31 KB)

I looked inside the element with Snoop and found the parameter here:

If it’s a Python Code that is needed, and no other package can do this, can someone make it?

@Jonathan_Roy Sorry, somebody better informed will have to help you out here.

@Vikram_Subbaiah, Ok thanks. Can you take a look at the way the Omniclass dyn file is choping the txt file?

@Kulkul, @Dimitar_Venkov, @T_Pover
I don’t the Python programmers on this forum yet or add someone whom you think can provide a solution.

OmniClass_VS.dyn (5.6 KB)

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Hi @Jonathan_Roy I would like to know if you managed to modify the Omniclass number from Excel ??? I need some help, thanks!