Updating Revit model from MySQL

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Does anybody know how to update Revit Model from MySQL by Dynamo? Thanx

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I don’t know a lot about the connection between Dynamo and SQL but I can tell you that you can’t set your parameters that way. The parameter name is ‘Name’ but you are feeding it a list with all sorts of values. You should only feed it the index 1 of every sublist.
Create extra SetParameterByName nodes and feed those the corresponding values from you MySQL.Query node.

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As for your previous posts and my replies on this topic- you need to start with a clear idea on how it might work, and break it into easily understandable chunks.

For instance:
The INSERT INTO part of your graph is not necessary for what you have explained as this is writing to the database

The SELECT part is heading in the right direction since this is reading from the database- but the * means all columns. You need to work out which database column and which model parameter you are using to match up database records.

Without any clear idea on what you want to achieve, I’d guess you would have a query something like:
SELECT [field1] FROM [table] WHERE [field2] = [object key parameter from Revit/Dynamo]


I am so sorry for my late response. I was not available for a long time. Thank u so much. I will try to do it.

I am so sorry for my late response. I was not available for a long time due to a problem. I just came back and saw your post. Thank u so much for your guidance. You helped me alot till now.
Could u please explain more about the Query that you said "SELECT [field1] FROM [table] WHERE [field2] = [object key parameter from Revit/Dynamo]"
Actually my main purpose for the first step is to create a schema and table based on Revit objects in MySQL workbench that I did with your helps, modifying some of the parameters such as Room name in MySQL and modify the Rooms’ name in Revit through Dynamo. I want only to see whether this integration works to use it for the next step. Do u have any idea? Thankx

Hi Andrew

In fact, I defined a sensor (specialty equipment family) in Revit model and attached it to a structural element. I also defined a parameter for this sensor such as DisplacementSetPoint to accommodate displacement captured from the physical sensor. For this purpose, I linked Revit to MySQL Workbench through Dynamo to import sensor data from MySQL database to Revit. I created a Schema, table and a column in MySQL Workbench for importing sensor data from an external file like CSV file. I imported the data to MySQL and read them through Dynamo as shown in pictures. For the next step I want to accommodate these data into sensor’s parameter called DisplacementSetPoint which had been already defined. As shown in the attached figure, I linked Revit to MySQL, read data from MySQL and tried to import these data into Revit and attached it to the DisplacementSetPoint parameter of defined sensor. But I cannot unfortunately. Last time I didn’t explain my objective very well. Could u please tell or show me how I can solve this issue? Thank u so much

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