We have seen Excel in and out scripts to alter data in our revit model.

The thought of adding a SQL-ish workflow to alter data, has that been put to the test in Dynamo, thus skipping the Excel step?




Let me elaborate.

The Replace node lets me change a value in a text field. In SQL i can change all kind of fields in a SQLdatabase. I know there are fields in the Revit database that won’t allow me those changes, I have some experience with the Revit DBLink and Ideate BIMLink, and thus i know that there are possibilities to change fields other than text fields. If i can make changes based on a condition of another field (value) that would be nice. I see many similarities between Dynamo and SQL, for instance, a node that gives me the category Doors can be stated in SQL by the SELECT DOORS command in the Revit database, etc. Would this all work if i load a SQL.dll in Dynamo?

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English is not my native language, i hope i get points for giving it a try.


I would checkout slingshot for Dynamo by case inc on the package manager. It’s an sql library, I’m not sure if it supports sql or sqlite.