Updating Generic annotation details

Hello guys,

Referring to image below, is there a way for me to automate changes in my generic annotation. Because everytime i issue the drawing, i need to update each instance of the stamp (generic annotation).

At the moment, I have a script to modify one parameter only but as you can on the image above, it has 3 parameters (for day, month and year).

Here is my current script, btw, can this be simplified?

This is a list levels and lacing exercise. Try this:

  1. Set the graph to manual if it isn’t already.

  2. Build a list of the parameter names(so app date and approved by), and a list of the values (so the date and the username).

  3. wire those into a single Element.SetParameterValueByName accordingly. Delete the other one (or freeze it if you are worried this might mess something up).

  4. Set the lacing to longest and the element input to @L1. Hit run.


Hi Jacob, thanks for the reply. i tried what you say, hopefully this is correct.

The output in revit is not correct. Please see my next reply.

Here is the output @JacobSmall

Try other lacings and list level settings.

Got it! Used @L2 and Longest.

Thank you @JacobSmall!

Great news! Please post or mark a solution so others can also learn from this thread. :slight_smile:

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