Renaming Annotation Symbols

Hi All,

First post here! Quite a newbie dipping into scary world of Dynamo.

I manage to get the rename families script going but I can’t use this to change Annotation symbols name.

am I missing something here?

So change _MORNING to _EVENING

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Are you trying to rename the Family.Type or change the family instances from one to the other?

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Any updates in this post?


Hi, can you please post an image where I can see the content of every block? You can click on the pin button in the bottom right corner of every block, or connect a Watch block.

From what I can see from your image, there is a mistake in the Element.SetName block. You should connect to “Element” the elements you want to edit, and to “Name” the new name.

Hi Luca!

I see you in this post so I’d thought I re-post my question here. I’m attempting to rename certain parameters values of generic annotations already placed in sheets but I’m getting a blank list of values from the Element.GetParameterByVaue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.