Loading family via Dynamo breaks connection, but insert family does not

Hi all,

I have built a script which batch loads and upgrades Revit families into a project. This script works fine but I do have one question.
When I drag and drop the Revit family into the project it upgrades and replaces the family if it already exists without breaking the connection, if I do it through “Load Family” it also upgrades and replaces the family without breaking the connection.
When I run the script I have created, it upgrades and replaces the family but it disconnect the adjoining duct accessories… Does anyone know why that would be?


what node are you using to insert the families into your project?
it could be that the node overwrite parameters? just a guess.


I’m using the File.LoadFamily from the Orchid Package. I believe it does overwrite parameters which is what I need it to do. Basically if an old part has been updated with additional parameters, we need to load that family back into the project to update the family to gain the new parameters, this needs to be done for 100’s of families simultaneously which is why I built the script. Is there a way to batch load like I am currently doing and keep everything connected? Because the size of the part is not changing, only the parameters are, so all the existing parameters remain exactly as they are. So I’m not sure why it is breaking?

Might want to ask on the Orchid GitHub as this is likely a function of how they are being loaded, and may require a code fix.

Out of curiosity, if they are already in a project why not just set the parameter values in the project environment?

Thanks Jacob I’ll do that.

Upon further inspection I have realized that this problem is far more complex than I originally thought (At least for me it is)
Our families are maintained by our BIM manager, new parameters are added, existing parameters are modified and renamed, as well as default values for certain parameters are also likely to change.
What I am trying to do is create a directory of upgraded families (Family names stay exactly the same thankfully), use Dynamo to check the Revit project to see whether or not the project file contains the family, if it does, load the new version of that family in (This part I have done and it works great).
The issue now is that because parameters have changed, all the existing systems and things like pipe fittings get disconnected because of the change in parameters. E.G. A default pipe diameter changes from 50 to 25, so all fittings break.
I know this is expected, but do you have any suggestions at all about how to manage this? Or will you always need to go through and reconnect everything after a family upgrade?