Update Shared Parameters

I was digging around the forum for a way to add Tooltips to existing Shared Parameters. The best way to do this would be to get a shared parameter and append or change one of the settings. Then schedules and tags wouldn’t get broken. So far this doesn’t seem to be possible. Has anyone had any luck here?
Plan B would be to get a Shared Parameter and append the GUID to a new version which would be created automatically. The old one would need to be switched to a family parameter (so as not to lose rather complicated formulas).
Orchid seems to have some nodes that help with this, but the package tends to hijack design script.
I’ll post my progress if I can manage to pull something together.

i think it is possible? use this link for reference, http://aectechy.com/accessing-shared-parameter-part-2/
To edit the tooltip, just type definition.Description = "your custom tooltip" and you should be good to go

EDIT: i just saw the Revit API doc and realise the description parameter is read-only. my bad