Update parameters from excel based on room name

I have excel file where first column have room name, next columns have “Floor Finish” and “Wall Finish” parameters.
I would like Dynamo to assign the parameter based on the excel matching the room name.

I was able to do that by specifying the value within Dynamo, but it is failing when I try to get that from excel.

Excel table:

Name Floor Finish Wall Finish
Office Ceramic Painting
Kitchen Ceramic Ceramic
Corridor Carpet Painting

Any help or guidance is much appreciated.

Can you show us what your graph looks like?

This is what I have got to work without Excel.

My attempt with Excel went crazy and I couldn’t get it to work.

Thanks for your time.


You know that this can easily be done in a schedule sorted by Room Name and untick the itemize all button?

Sure. My concern is about getting those from excel table where I need to update multiple parameters based on the room name.

Its very easy from an excel back to Revit, see the below images -

I can’t see where you have the filter by room name.

My excel table:

Name Floor Finish Wall Finish
Office Ceramic Painting
Kitchen Ceramic Ceramic
Corridor Carpet Painting

I want all rooms having the name equal to “Office” to have the corresponding values for floor and wall finish parameters.

I tried a fast script and seems to do what you are trying to achieve.
Here is my workflow:

Hope it helps

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Thanks, I will try your method in a moment.

I’ve just got it to work but with a long process and it must be not the best way.

My custom node: UpdateParameterByCriteria.dyf

Kindly advise where I can find the custom node List.FilterByString which you have used. Thanks!

It is part of the SteamNodes Package. I would advice you to use it as it has many useful nodes.

Thanks Andre, your method didn’t work.

I got this error: Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

That happens due to the empty list structure.
See image:

Just flatten it @L2 and it should be fine.
Doesn´t happen for me though, so I cannot check.

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hey. Where can i get the Custom nodes you have used?

Hi @atul.saraff

Try and read the posts… The “List.FilterByString” is mentioned as to which package it is in.

Also try and mention which node is it you’re after.


Where did you get the By.GetParameterValueAsString Custom node?