Update old file

I’m trying to open the Dynamo file you can download here: http://autodesk.typepad.com/bpa/2013/08/more-fun-with-dynamo-for-bpa-automatic-shading-design.html in Dynamo 0.7.1 but I’m getting the message I’ve attached to this post.

Can someone tell me how to solve this problem? Or can someone open it in Dynamo 0.7.1 and share this with everybody?

I’d suggest you update to the latest daily version of dynamo. I downloaded the file you linked to and it seems to be working ok.

I’ve installed the latest version but I’m stil getting the message ‘Workbench could not be opened’.

Is it possible to share the updated file?

Try it from here:



Saw your posting on http://autodesk.typepad.com/bpa/2014/08/free-webinar-learning-lighting-analysis-in-revit.html?cid=6a00e5536ab239883301a73e0b932d970d#comment-6a00e5536ab239883301a73e0b932d970d.

Did you have any luck with the dropbox link Dimitar posted? I also put in a query to the team.