Having trouble opening a file made in Dynamo

Hey everyone!

I am VERY new to revit/dynamo and I am sure there is a very easy answer to my issue.

I have had a look on the search bar and unfortunately I can’t seem to find anyone with the same issue.

My file simply won’t reopen on any computer I have tried and does not give me any warning/error or indication why. I have made sure that it is the same.

It is a dynamo file I have made in 0.9

has anyone else had this issue and know how I can resolve it?

Thank you for your time in advance!

Hi @PBrady1

Could you please drop the file here.


Thank you for getting back to me!

It has said that as a new user I can not upload attachments. Is there another way I can provide you with the file?

Kind Regards,


@PBrady1 Drop the file in google drive or box and share the link here. Cheers!



Hope this works!


@PBrady1 Give permission to the link also.