Open file V 0.7 in dynamo V 1.3.1


I am taking the workshop of Computational Design for BIM but all files are in the version 0.7 and I am using dynamo 1.3.1 so I got the obsolete file window “file cannot be opened by this version…”

What should i do to open files?

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Hey Cesar,
While opening a new file, tick the box as shown in the given PNG file below.

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You can either install 0.7 and run them as-is OR you can install 0.9 (someone may have to correct me on this) and save the files in 0.9 before opening them in 1.3.


Care to upload the file for others to try? The other option is edit with a text editor and change the version number.


I didn’t know that was an option. Nice!

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