Update Dynamo 2.12 to DynamoCoreRuntime_2.13.dynamo player doesn't work


I have a problem with dynamo player when update dynamo from Dynamo 2.12 to dynamo 2.13 dynamo player doesn’t work


yep. Dynamo Player for that version of Revit is going to be dependent on the correct shipped version of Dynamo for that version.

There is no (easy) workaround. Stick with what comes with your Revit install.

also, to go ahead and just answer this now

“But John, you made a video showing how to upgrade your Dynamo in Revit”

Yes I did. But that was a proof of concept demonstration for developers to be able to test their packages in the newest versions of Dynamo Core in Revit without building Dynamo from source and should never be used in production environments.