Unwrapping a curved internal facade (rotunda) to drafting view or CAD

Hello all,

We are working a project within a historic building. The entrance has a rotunda space we would like to unwrap or flatten into linework/drafting view or export at CAD.

Does anyone have a method for this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @craig_SW,

If the facade is not too complicated, you could try with the Unfold Concave or Unfold Convex nodes.

Unfold walls.dyn (66.6 KB)


HI Alban,

Thanks! I’ll take a look.


Hi Alban,

The model is a Scan-to-BIM survey so the wall isn’t perfectly round. It’s a family made up of different components… so it’s not picking up the geometry.

you could try https://dynamobim.org/dynamounfold/ - but it will not unfold curved surfaces, you will need to rationalize it into planar surfaces yourself or triangulate it.



Thanks, useful for the future, but the geometry is scan-to-BIM data of an existing building and we cannot rationalise.