Unfold Wall

Dear all,

Does anybody have any idea how to unfold wall like the below one.


Also i saw it’s can be done but don’t how yet. check the video below.

Thank you

Anyone ?

Did you have a look at this?


it is OLD, but might give some idea’s

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Or this one ?

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Is this something like that you’re expecting ?

P.S : I needed to approximate a little the curves to be able to draw them in Revit.
I had in the node DetailCurve.ByCurve, the error :
The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree - 2. Parameter name: knots



Actually yes that is exactly what i need and question there is a node select by face so which face you are picking ?

I pick the floor but you can probably create a horizontal surface ex nihilo if you prefer.

In fact in my graph the wall isn’t unfold, it’s rather an elevation but you have a start.


Thank you man