Unfolded Pitched Roof

Hi Dynamo Geeks,
(And I mean that with much appreciation!)
I’m making a physical model of a building which has many intersecting pitched roofs.
What’s the best way to “develop” or “unfold” the roof to get the actual footprints of the roof planes?
I’m relatively new to Dynamo, and I’m able to select the roof, get all areas, also tried DynamoUnfold. What I’m hoping to arrive at is an outline I can cut along and fold and make the roof happen.
Thank you for your help!


try DynamoUnfold package

Thanks, Lucifer.
I was already working with DynamoUnfold.
How do I make the unfolded face flat? How do I print out the shape?

convert as family maybe?

This is interesting. How did you make them come in flat?
This is what I ended up with…

Is there a way to just draw a filled region instead?

have a look on discussion here

Oh wow! Geometry.Transform did the trick.
I followed it up with extracting the perimeter curves and making a filled region.
And Voila! Mission Accomplished.
Thank you for your help. This made my day!