Revit 2023 - LinePatternElement not picked up by ElementType.ByName

So this is more of a public service announcement. (also a check to see if this is only a local issue)
Up until Revit 2023 our Purge_IMPORT-LinePatterns.dyn worked fine with a String “LinePatternElement” right into the ElementType.ByName node, open in Dyn 2.16, not so much.
Clockwork to save the day (thanks for that @Andreas_Dieckmann)
see images:
2023-02-10 08_37_36-R210-03_AtHome - R210-03 - Remote Desktop Connection

Maybe someone with more knowledge into what the API changes were in Revit 2023 can inform us as to why this is, at least there is a workaround. Figured I would share for others to find and hope it helps.

There‘s actually an ElementType.ByName node in Clockwork that does exactly what you want. You can simply feed it a string with the desired ElementType.


and why the OOTB node not work? :frowning:
Thanks for the heads up will update.

using this setup for deleting line patterns that are imported from cad should be able to use the same setup.

OBS uses these packages

yeah, thanks. I had a working process prior to Revit 2023, I was more wondering what changed that broke the ElementType.ByName node. it is OOTB, I will use the Clockwork one as I deploy that package. I appreciate the connection related to this topic.