Unknown problem in opening file?

Does anyone had this issue?


This looks like its more applicable in the pyRevit forum

i think it´s a problem with the file itself. After renaming it occurs the same problem…

Can you translate the error to english for us, sorry :confused:

oh yes sorry ^^
it says:
“Unknown error opening file:…”

Autodesk itself gives the answer that the version of the file written in should be the same as the file executed…
but in rvt23 dynamo is included, and all the other sripts are working written in that version…

Try opening it with an older version if you have one? Or maybe the migration assistant can help? Not sure on this one sorry.

@KevSch - post the .dyn so we can have a look.

@KevSch ,

yes it is the naming be aware of folderstructure and naming conventions! PyRevit is sensitiv in that case

you have to rename like →




hello @Draxl_Andreas,
pyrevit is the one thing. but i can´t open the dynamo file properly for itself :confused:

Looks as if the file has been corrupted; likely by accessing with external (non-Dynamo) tools, or from transfer over the web. Not sure where the issues is, but there are a few properties of the file which haven’t been set correctly.

Open the file in a text editor, and set the "NodeLibraryDependencies" key (line 42435) to an empty list ([]]) instead of the current null value. You should be able to get into the file from there.

Note that this file is VERY large, so I am not reviewing any other content in the file for issues, just finding the way in.


thanks, you´re a life saver :smiley: it worked after i set to…

“NodeLibraryDependencies” : [ ],

so, i really appreciate your help on this :slight_smile:

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