Unjoin geometry that is joined but does not intersect - invalid connection input

I used to have a very simple workflow to unjoin all elements that were joined but do not intersect, but it does not work anymore:

I tried it today, and I get a funny error I do not understand. Does anyone know what to do? The “all warnings of type” comes from Bang!. Using Dynamo 2.0.2 and Revit 2018.2.

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Select the warning type in the dropdown?

I would if I could. I have a ton of warnings in my model but I am able to choose only “invalid connection input …” from the warnings node

Have you updated to the latest BANG! package?

Also, can you reproduce the warning in a simple model, and provide the dyn and the simple Revit file?

I tried with a fresh model and everything is working fine. Do you have any idea what can be happening?

Great workaround, ive just tried to join all to get rid of some clashes, but realize that now I have over 33K warnings and model terribly lagging. Since ive synced already need somehow to unjoin all that not intersect

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there are other packages (ex. archi-lab) that give access to warnings and its elements, but in my case it also wont work, sue to if I have 33 thousands of cross-lacing connection, it mean dynamo need to parse 33K! factorial ( i guess) pairs. Instead I just used " Unjoin all" and than Join only elements with intersections again

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I used a small workaround - extracted the warnings list to .html, used it to create a list of IDs causing the warnings, selected them in Revit and used Unjoin Selected via the Warnings dialog