Join geometry nodes

Hi everybody,

I’ve a small problem and I’m pretty sure it’s possible to solve it !

I’m trying to join two types of elements in Revit because it is way too long to do it manually.
My script is working, it’s a very simple one …
Unfortunately, the script joins all the elements in my model even those which are not intersecting each other …

This is not a big problem because I get the result I’m looking for but I have a lot of errors in my model. I can’t even open an error report because it’s taking way too long to open it.

The right way to do it would be to join only the elements which are intersecting each other but I’ve no idea how to do that … This may not be possible, I don’t know …

Thanks in advance !

Hello Nathan!

You should find a solution in this thread:

Hi Einar, thank you for your answer !
I will try do it later but the script seems perfect !

Hi Einar,

I try to follow your guideline, but error happened with List.FilterByBoolMask.
Could you please help.

Thank you