Disable Warnings in Revit

Hi All I have in my Model about 650 warnings, is there a way in dynamo to solve this warnings automatically or ignore it Warnings%202


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Dynamo can do a lot but it’s no magic. Warnings can occur due to thousands of different reasons and there are equally as many ways to solve them but software can’t predict what you want so even if it just changes the situation to a point where it doesn’t give a warning doesn’t mean you get the desired result.

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for the first warning can we unjoin the elements which not intersect

can we solve it one by one

Working with warnings is pretty well covered in this topic:

Yes, manually.

You can just click “okay” and everything but that will probably break these elements, like when letting it remove constraints but you didn’t create restraints for no reason.

but this in 2018 I’m working with 2017

I’m sorry, you hadn’t mentioned your Revit version anywhere, in that case you should listen to @PauLtus :slight_smile:

thanks a lot , and there is no way to do it with the api direct with python or something similar not with dynamo

To my knowledge the handling of warnings was introduced in the API as pr. Revit 2018 so no.

Some are more ok to ‘auto fix’ than others.

Changing duplicate marks - easy enough.
Unjoining elements - also fairly simple.
Off axis stuff - that’s going to be an issue.

You can export your warnings to an html file, which Dynamo can parse over and report what types of errors you have. You can then work out what the ‘fix’ would be for each of the warning types, and write up a script that would work for the elements in each groups of warnings to resolve the issue (unjoining elements, changing marks, etc).

can you help with this scripts

Considering the volume of the task at hand, you’re likely going to have to lead the way. The community (myself included) will likely be able to help out as you go, but only you know what’s best for the warnings in your model within your work.

Alternatively there is a free plugin to isolate warnings in the store that you may find useful.

called what this plugin and from where can I download it

Isolate warnings:


The Synthesize toolkit Dynamo package has also several warnings scripts.