Revit Warnings - how to use them in a better way


did anybody yet access the Revit Warnings, to be able to group select Elements by ID?







For example delete Room Tags which are outside of the rooms (and have no leader, so they show questionsmarks anyway)


From time to time we export the warnings as html and open that in Excel, then manually selecting the IDs and putting them into a valid string

(1234567; 1234568; 1234569) is rather painful.



this is pretty old, but should work with some updates:

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If you can wait a few days, there’s something for warnings coming in the next version of spring nodes:


Version 82.7.2 is out. I’d love to hear your feedback on it.

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Hmmm, I was about to post something myself later today, but that seems very promising. Now I have find something else to spend my afternoon on :frowning:

A massive string manipulation of the standard Revit Warnings Report, filtering for just the Warning Topic and the 2 Elemenets involved. Giving the option of a) Konrads “Delete Elements” Python node at the end or b) selecting the Elements in Revit

you new that formula in EXCEL, didnt you?

=MID(B4;FIND(" ID ";B4)+3;LEN(B4))

and in French



then a column cut paste values and transpose and then save as CSV separated by semicolons…


The part I seem to miss, is the code block and python script code…or at least examples. I see the images of the node maps, downloaded the springnodes package. Even tried replicating from the archi-lab example. There are never examples of code.

Hi Michael,

Have you had a chance to see the following example:


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