Units ? how this is calculated


I run script and have Numbers as results =76 depends to what parameter I am writing to value is different?

when I save to parameter Power or Wattage I have 7.06

when I save to Number I have 76?




1W in SI base units is equal to kg.sqm.s^(-3)

but the base unit of length in Revit is ft

1sqm = 10.76391sqft

76 / 10.76391 = 7.0606

Issue Solved

Thanks Vikram I REALLY appreciated your help and support! without this I would be stuck forever. This is very kind,

…so “unit-less Revit” is myth… ok now it is clear …all units need are transformed to Imperial …good to know I guess I will use most of parameters as TEXT to get it easier I will have to always really watch units… and recaulcated back to metric but there could be rounding issue I guess