Uniform offset of polycurva

Good day.
I have problems when creating an offset of my polycurves.
When offsetting this is not done evenly, but rather creates corner curves and odd directions.
Could someone guide me what would be the correct way to perform a UNIFORM OFFSET.
Thank you very much I attached files.



Bit lengthy but should work

Surface Curve offset.dyn (16.6 KB)

Thank you for your comment but it is not what is expected.
The problem is to have a set of surfaces that, apart from them, extract the permitter and achieve an offset without it deforming…
Your approach is the same that I have done but the error is always the same! any other solution


i am not sure if this realy helps… it seems to be tricky! :wink:

the issue is you want that the Z Value remains and points extent.

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Good day.
I followed your instructions… but I don’t understand why it doesn’t work for me…??

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i my example i had just one “column” … so i think you have to index your element.

Key will be dealing with the Z values, these you want to change… in my example they got also scaled



Thanks for your help.
I tell you that what I need is to apply the process to “N” number of columns, for which I have followed your steps but it gives me an error…

The goal is to work with multiple elements not just 1…