Dynamo Polycurve.Offset issue

Hello, I am super new to Dynamo and I intend to create a curve shaped form. After importing the curves from Revit everything run smooth until i reach polycurve.offset where i want to offset the geometry i work with.
The issue is when i apply polycurve.offset. Dynamo creates the curve but it is not enclosed and it looks like this.
Could you please help me in order to create enclosed polycurve and later on smooth loft surface?
Thank you very much

As a result I have also this. I would like to ask for solution of this resulting geometry. It looks pretty simple but I cannot easily handle it.

Hi Mihail,

Could you please drop your dyn file here. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I can share it like that. Basically I import from revit two curvilinear edges. which i want to recreate in dynamo as one enclosed curve. I will add two snapshots

Kulkul second part the file

@Artist Try this dyn fileComputational.dyn (15.9 KB)

Here is the result in action.

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Hi again looks great!
Could you tell me which package i should load in order to select the edges or I should work with revit.select.edge

Select edges node is available in Dynamo version 1.2.

@Artist You can work with select edge node also.

Thanks it obviously works well. My question is: I try to define an spline in revit mass and then import it to dynamo. Though the only way to create a enclosed spline through points is to define two separate splines. after I select them in dynamo the latter opens the point where they started! Any solutions to this?

the Result I get is this one

@Artist Could you drop the spline rvt file here?

hi you could download it here. There is the conceptual mass with the splines to edit. There are two issues to solve I want to create an smooth loft of all these profiles we created but the result of the nurbs curves is not following the shape of the profiles instead it connects through the opposite side if you can preview the result of the nurbs curves. Cheers

@Artist Looks good to me.

Dyn file Computational.dyn (45.8 KB)

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Thanks very much. It looks great