Can't offset circle, arcs, splines



I’m trying to offset some geometries.

When I try offsetting a shape with straight lines, it works fine.
When I try to offset a shape with arcs or splines, I get an error saying it could not offset the polycurve.

I’ve tried converting it to curves and offsetting it but it goes in inconsistent directions. I tried using the Springs.Curve.Offset+ but it returns as null. I tried using the Springs.ClosedCurve.Offset+ but it returns a mix of curves going to both directions (not getting the internal & external offset right). I’ve tried joining them or doing them separately. I’ve tried some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

I can’t really figure out what I’m doing wrong.


Can you post a source file (purge all unnecessary elements to run the graph) and this dyn so those who want to help are working off a common dataset? Otherwise it is very hard to see what the issue is as it’s tied to how the Revit geometry was created.


Have you tried converting the polycurves into nurbs curves? If you are offsetting a polycurve that is made up of straight lengths around a geometric curve, then offsetting them would either create gaps or overlaps, which I suspect Dynamo doesn’t like hence the error. Shouldn’t have so much trouble with a nurbs curve of up’d degree accuracy :slightly_smiling_face: