Analysis Package for Robot Structural Analysis not working in Dynamo 2.0

The “Analysis” package created for RSA interaction suffers from the distinction between lists and dictionaries in Dynamo 2.0. Hope the developers will look into this at some point :slight_smile:


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This was answered in this thread: (The answer being: the Structural analysis package is not yet compatible with Dynamo 2.0)

@Jonathan.Olesen @Einar_Raknes I have posted a version of the package (v2.0) compatible with Dynamo 2.0


Hi @Emmanuel_Weyermann

Done some testing and it seems to be working good except from the Analysis.CalculateWithSae still have the same issue as before.

Hi @Jonathan.Olesen … Thanks for testing! Did you notice the same behavior with the Analysis.Calculate node?

Hi @Emmanuel_Weyermann … The “Analysis.Calculate” node seems to work without issues :slight_smile:

So for now only the “Analysis.CalculateWithSave” experience the same issues as prior to the update of the package.

One question, is it possible to access the C# code for the package anywhere if one were to build new functionality into it?

I will push a new version today with a fix for this node. testing right now.

Re: source code access, we have initiated this process last year but we on-hold it for a couple of reasons (prepare the code for public consumption, infrastructure for automatic build and testing, documentation,…). I may revival this topic but can’t promise anything in the short term.
Re: extending the package, feel free to start a thread with your wishes list. I will be happy to have look at it.

Fantastic, thanks a lot!

I’ll have a look at a wish-list - For the moment I’ve simply written the functionality I was missing in Python and applying it this way around. Though your use of “Custom objects”, especially within the calculation nodes make it difficult to e.g. apply other load types than Uniform or Nodal :slight_smile: For this I would have to create my own calculation node analyzing the model currently created and not the one passed as a list to the node.

But again I’ll have a look at a wish-list, and again thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Hello, @Emmanuel_Weyermann

I have a problem with Nodal&UniformMember Loads. These loads do not work together as they should.
When I launch script with 2 kind of loads connected to Calculate node I receive an warning:
So Analysis does not start, but 1/6 UniformMember Load is generated in RSA. Nodal load - none.

When I launch script with UniformMember loads and after successful analysis I add nodal loads one time it works, another I get:

2 kinds of loads work when I first run script with only nodal loads and after successful analysis I add UniformMember loads.

What’s going on? :slight_smile: Does anyone else tried apply 2 kind of loads at a time?