Unfold Surface Not Working

Hi All

I’m trying to get the DynamoUnfold package to work.
We have curved building surfaces that need to be flattened so they can then be used by an Artist to produce artworks for our building.
I created a simple curved surface to test the package but it doesn’t work on that. Please see images below and dyn file attached. Any help will be much appreciated. @Michael_Kirschner2

Surface Unfold.dyn (27.5 KB)

The warning indicates an error referring to a 1.3 engine issue.

Try upgrading your Dynamo version to 2.0.4 and see if that solves this.

Ahh thank you. I’ll try that. Much appreciated.

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Hi there.

I’ve tried that. Same error still comes up.

Hi @bayowindapo ,

Might be helpful to try using Curve/Point/…etc .Project nodes?

It seems you may be getting downstream data now despite the warning - do things look correct?

Nope. Still doesn’t work.
No unfolding was done.