Unconnected Height parameters into shared parameters


I am pretty new in Dynamo world:-)
I want to take walls unconnected height value from the model and put it in a shared parameter I have already made ​​in Revit. Is this operation possible with Dynamo? If yes, how can I make it?



Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve tried to do the same as you, but it does not work . I do not know what I’m doing wrong. See the picture below.


Hi Salman Pey,

Did you create a parameter called “H” inside your Revit document prior to running the dynamo definition? Unfortunately Dynamo can’t create the parameter on the fly.

I have tried with Project parameters and shared parameters in Revit, none of them is working. Should it be special kind of parameters? I made it with Number and Integer!

Hello Salman Pey,

Can you please share you Revit and Dynamo file.

Also let me know which version of Dynamo you are using currently. (go to Help>About, there is a Dynamo Version mentioned there.)



The files is uploaded. rac_basic_sample_project HomeHome




unfortunately your file won’t open correctly in my enviroment.







1st create a shared parameter then assign it to walls!



then create a wall and check properties.

you should see an empty parameter H.

“H” should have the same type as “unconnected height” and that is length.







now run dynamo with your definition.

everything runs smoothly


Thank you Peter. It works now.

Hello Peter Kompolschek,

Thanks for your detail explanation.

@Salma: Thanks for sharing your data sets.

Keep using Dynamo!