Hi there,

I´m a total Dynamo-newbie with a big problem:

Today I tried to put the value of a project-parameter into a shared-parameter, for labeling …






Actually this works very good, if the value is only text.

For example I write something into Kommentare, and then Dynamo puts it into Value - this works fine.









But - if value contains a formula (for my case it´s created directly as calc. value in the “Bauteilliste” [don´t know in english …] because there is no other way for ducts, pipes)

Dynamo isn´t able to put the value into the shared parameter.






For example Formula: if(Höhe>250, a1, a2)


Am I doing something wrong?

Is there another funtion for this case?



hallo wolfgang!


i tried to reproduce your example:

(i am using an English version)

  1. i created 3 ducts

  2. then i set the Kommentar parameter (in English its Comments) to test -> working

  3. i created a shared parameter called “AL Breite”

  4. i extracted the “width” of the duct, multiplied it with 5 (a*b) in a “codeblock”

  5. i returned the result to the parameter “AL Breite”


the result is a number.






in the schedule it looks like that:








so dynamo is delivering the expected result (300*5 = 1500)

pertaining your error:

i suppose that your shared parameter is of a wrong type (text…).

so change the type of your shared parameter to number (integer…)

other way convert your result to string then your numbers are text and can be displayed in your schedule (= Bauteilliste") as text parameter.

hope that helps



Is there also a way to do this for text-parameters?

Because the most of my parameters to share are text …


yes, it is possible to manipulate text parameters using dynamo.

what do you have in mind? maybe you share a sketch