Get instance parameter and set shared parameter?


First of all, I love this community! :blush:
As a beginner in dynamo I have so far mainly stitched together other individuals scripts but seem to have come to a complete halt. To no avail I have scoured this forum as well as benign blogs for guidance on how to get the inherent instance parameter value of a wall “Volume”, and type it into a shared parameter “Volym”.

No warning errors. Currently using Revit-18 and Dynamo 2.0.2.
Any and all guidance is vastly appreciated!

you have to create a shared parameter from manage tab then create project parameter and select it from shared list defined before.
then you can create schedule you will find the created parameters on the list and you can make calculated parameter for it and set it to volume like below .

Thank you for your thorough reply ingenieroahmad :grinning:. I am sorry for not being clear: I have already set up the desired shared parameter concerning “Volym”. My issue lies in understanding how to lift out the object instance specific “Volume” and type it into my shared “Volym”.

I have added the image below to the intro of the thread.

This will do:

Point to consider, if the parameter Volym is number, you don’t have to cast or convert the Volume to text.

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Ah! Thank you SO much for helping me out, I really appreciate your selflessness!

No worries, happy to help!

Greetings Again Architectcoding
Do you know how to get an instance parameter value, and set it to a shared parameter with an identical name? :sweat_smile:

This works:

Set Shared Parameter.dyn (20.4 KB)

First off, thanks for taking your time :smiley:
Perhaps I am misusing the script but it seem to only set the static value from the last code block into the shared parameter named “Area”.

My issue is to read from model instance “Area” (which is a numeric value) and set it into Shared parameter “Area”. :crazy_face:

Ok, sorry about that. Place flatten node like this: