Creating conceptual masses from spaces

I am trying to create conceptual masses from spaces. I want to use these conceptual masses to create gbXML files for export (mainly due to the limitations of Revit gbXML wise). I was thinking of using the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node from the Spring set of dynamo scripts. However, it looks like it doesn’t work anymore in Revit 2022 (see this discussion).

Is there a similar node to do the same thing I could use? Also, if the answer to my problem is located in the discussion I attached, I could not figure it out.

Best to post what you have tried to that thread so that things are kept together. This helps people who might try to help you by keeping the previous work in one thread, and also helps future visitors like yourself as they’d be able to learn from your work and whatever solution may come from it.

As an alternative you could try to write the python on your own, or use FamilyType.ByGeometry, which is an out of the box node. If you are working in meters you may have to scale it up by the number of feet in a meter, but otherwise that node shouldn’t have any issues.

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