Unable to mass delete SP from different SP groups

I’m trying to mass add SP’s from different groups within the SP file to a family and then delete them all, but it is only able to delete it from one group, is this by design? I’m trying to be able to increase the functionality to not only be able to add SP’s but if there is a mistake to be able to easily delete them all. If I can’t delete them all from the same node is there a way to delete them all using redundant “RemoveParameter” nodes?

This shows me being able to delete it from one group.

Unable to delete all of them after adding them.

I cant reproduce your error. I have no problems adding shared parameters and removing them again.

please upload your .dyn file and Shared Parameter file, for testing your case.

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By the looks of it, I think you are simultaneously trying to create and delete the parameters, so essentially you are trying to remove parameters that don’t yet exist and its possible that the document object you are receiving is in the state of just receiving that transaction of adding those new parameters. So maybe, by the looks of it, you are only managing the removal of one group because that node you are connecting is only handling one group… Adding Transaction.End nodes after your DanEDU.AddSharedParameter nodes with a passthrough might solve your problem here. No idea why one would add parameters just to remove them, though, lol, please explain that because I am curious what the purpose is!

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Since document(s) is being passed between the nodes, Do I believe, that it should not be a transaction problem.
One posibility is to test if the graph runs in an current open family document. If yes and then is failing when a list of documents is send, then we have to take a look into what you are saying Amy.
As you, I dont understand why adding parameters and then remove them again as an action in the same graph.

I have now testet some times with a list of files. If I only add, then no problem.
If I only remove, then no problem. If I add and remove, then no problem.

Remember, If you turn on/off “close document”, then you need to restart Revit!
Otherwise is documents open in background, from the previous session, and that will go wrong!