Unable to link Dynamo with external API

Hi all,

I’m trying to link Dynamo with a structural analysis program called strand7. However, when I try to import the dll, I get the following error:

Here’s the code I’m using:

I did a bit of googling and the issue may stem from the fact that Dynamo is 64 bit while Strand7 is 32 bit. Is there any way to get around this ?

not really - you could use some IPC and another 32bit process to call your 32bit dll. I would see if strand supplies a 64bit version of their api dll.

If you don’t need geometry in Dynamo you can try recompiling it for 32bit.

Thanks Michael. Unfortunately Strand7 is 32bit only at the moment.
I’ve never used IPCs (didn’t even know about them until now). Can you point me to some resources on how to use them to get what I need ?

maybe something like:

.net provides many IPC options like namedPipes or WCF.

you could always do something like websockets or local HTTP as well.