C# .dll Error on Remote machine

I’ve been working on this package and it works on my machine. However when I published online and checked it on a remote machine I got an error.

it downloaded the correct dll. its just not pointing to them correctly.

Could it be something in my Visual Studio set up when I released my project?

Thank you everyone that has been helping me with this ongoing first package.

I saw online something about the .csproj file in my visual studio could this be the problem? I think I also need to add a package folder.

Hi Danny, what .Net version is your assembly targeting? If you developed it for 4.5.2 but the 2nd pc has only 4.0 installed, that might cause some issues. Also check the dynamo console for any error messages.

I changed my assembly to 4.0 without any luck. I also added a Target build in my .csproj file & app.config file. Oddly the remote machine is trying to find the .dll on a additional hard drive on my personal computer “F:” drive. The custom node in Dynamo isn’t pointing to the correct .dll files located at \Dynamo Revit\1.0\packages\Etabs Excel to Revit\bin folder.

I’m unsure if my git code would help us discover something that I missed during my setup but I will list it below. The package I’m attempting to publish online in Dynamo is Parachence - Etab Excel to Revit.

Thank you for your help on my first attempt to make a custom package in Dynamo. I hope the next one goes much smoother. :slight_smile:

The console isn’t showing any useful information. I can’t seem to find anything that might be causing it.

I saw that @Zach_Kron mentioned in another post that “We have had issues in the past with conflicting installations of excel libraries with Visual Studio, for instance.” I’m using library EPPlus in Visual Studio to read & write in Excel in my application. Does Dynamo have a Excel library which might be more compatible?

I think after adding the csproj and config file it fixed the pointer of the .dll.