Unable to divide curve by distance

Dear Dynamo Community,

I was attempting a pretty simple task of making points at segment length from point (startPts) on NurbsCurves.
The operation failed “Unable to divide curve by distance” on some of the curves.
As you can see in the picture of the concerned part of the graph, there is a screenshot of the built curves and points.
In Pink are the Curves that accepted to build the points, in green are the Curvesthat did not. Yellow represents the points that accepted to be built IF the distance was divided by 2. Blue represents all the start points that were used to create points in the first attempt.

I can’t turn my mind around why specific curves refused to create points. I tried to reduce the number of calculated curves with my “troubleshooting observation selector”. The interesting thing is that whatever the number of curves calculated, the same curves refused to provide points. I also tried to change the geometry scaling (lower, increase) it did not change anything. I tried to increase or decrease the number of curves (having more or less distance between them) did not change the fact that some curves produced errors even though fewer curves produced less error…

Originally I tried to place my points on polycurves (that were built by intersecting the initial mesh with planes), but when trying to place my points at segment length from point, it would place points at every startpoint of the various curves constituting the polycurves, instead of the real distance between points. So I extrapolated some Nurbscurbe to circumvent this. Maybe the problem can be related?

Hope the explanation is clear. Did you ever experience similar issues, or do you have any idea where there could be an issue?
(here is a closer view of the troubling part and a view of the 3D construction that is related)

I am using Dynamo Core 2.10, working on a mesh imported and treated using mesh toolkit. (cf overall graph)

Here is the STL and Dyn file (as obj are not allowed to upload on the forum you will need to translate stl to obj on your end)
Hull Etrave pointe 10m + bow rake etrave inversee avec bowroker+bowrake) (repaired).stl (217.6 KB)
mesh treatment to Surf.dyn (180.3 KB)