Problem with PolyCurve

I am trying to divide my poly-curve into sections equal to 25 meters via PointsAtSegmentLenghtFromPoint
It works great with a segment length of 1 meter, but falls apart by 25 meters.
I suppose this happened because Dynamo does not interpret my PolyCurve as
inextricable object.

Can anyone know how to avoid this problem?

Isn’t Baseline.PolyCurves not the collection of curves? Maybe you should convert the Baseline to one PolyCurve.

Hello Anton!
Can you give me more details about your suggestion? Because I cannot find this path myself

Here is an example. Different from your version is that I take the Baseline.PolyCurve and not the PolyCurves, also I take points along a range of distances (0 to total length step 25).

What surprises me is that the Split function adds an extra curve at start with a length of 5. Don’t know where that is coming from.

splitcurve.dyn (19.4 KB)

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Silly me, I started the range with a zero. If I start the range with 25, I get curves with the desired length.

Hi Anton!
Thanks, but I use Dynamo Revit and CivilConnection package and for some reason I don’t want to change the platform now.
But if I do not solve my problem, I will definitely use your advice)