Place points on a Curve at 10m spacing


Wonder if someone could help me out, its pretty basic, but not to me :slight_smile: , but I just can’t get it to work,

So I have a curve created from a CAD line and I am attempting to place points along the centreline, starting from one end at 10m spacing, even if the last point isn’t quiet 10m, now I can get the points to
work at equal spacing etc, just can’t do it like this,

Any help would be greatly appreciated


You want Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthFromPoint. It takes a starting point and length rather than number of divisions.

thanks for the quick reply,

so when I use Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthFromPoint. it seems to put some points closer together and doesn’t keep a consistent distance, any ideas, or am I doing something wrong ?

Can you disable all the other geometry preview, and generate a circle at the start of each segment of the polycurve? My guess is the node doesn’t work on polycurves as a whole but on each segment. In that case converting to a NurbsCurve might resolve the issue.

You’re using the start points of all the unjoined curves. You want the start point after you’ve converted to a single polycurve. (Assuming that it does treat polycurves as a single curve.)

thanks guys, much appreciated for your help

the Nurbs Curve done it

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