I’m trying to divide curve by point at segment length.
May be “curve.pointatsegmentlength” node has done his job.
But when I split curve by that point, the number of curves has reduced.
I think 231 point makes 230 curves.
but “curve.pointatsegmentlength” node made 116 curves.
If I want to make 230 curves, how can I do that?

Not easy to understand the problem if you don’t show all graph, however one problem could be that you created too many points.

Let’s say the curve is 10 m long, and you want to create 15 points at distance 1m, some of them will be “out of the curve”. So you will get 10 curves and not 15.

Check the length of the curve and the distance between points!

Thanks, lucamanzoni,
I can understand what you are saying!

but the curve has about 8kms length, and 231 divided point…
so normally,

divided curve has 20~30ms long.

in this picture, list on the left shows cumulative distance, I divide by this points…

is 231 points are too many to divide?

I’m looking at the numbers here and wondering if the may be a geometry scale issue. Can’t say until we see a larger chunk of the graph though.

It’s not a matter of how many points, but how far they are.

Are you working in mm? In your screenshot I can see that point #15 is already at 512 m distance. It might be that point #116 is already further than 8000m (or whatever is the curve length).

Please scroll down the values at List.RemoveItemAtIndex and check if this is the case

Sorry, I am using Korean version…
But I think you can understand what this shows…

This is the graph I’m making.

Tunnel Structural Framings_V.0.0.10 By Jicaprio_Import Families by path that their length has defined by Excel.dyn (293.1 KB)

The graph is quite useless if you give the input files (excel) as well.

However can you check if those numbers are bigger that the curve length?


Thanks, lucamanzoni,
I found what it happened.
the curve over 4,500m has disappeared…
So I erased curve over 4,500m by excel,
and I tried again, It came back…
but It has another problem.

some sections are disappeared, and someone is rotated…
what’s happening here?:disappointed_relieved:

It seemed like an inappropriate question on this topic, so I created a new topic.

Glad you got this straightened out. Please mark a solution or describe why this was an issue so others can learn from the path you took more easily.

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Thanks Jacob!!

The problem was in civil3d.
There is a section where the corridor overlaps, and the points of the section are outputted as a layer, and it seems that Revit does not recognize the points correctly.