Unable to Create Tag for linked elements

Hi, I’m very much new to Revit and Dynamo trying to learn Dynamo scripts. By referring to various post on this forum I tried to build my Dynamo script for tagging of linked elements on drawing. while running the code I getting an Exception “Reference can not be tagged”. looking for help in this.

Hi @scharde,

It’s only possible with packages not with OOTB nodes.
You can use the Create Tag node in the Genius Loci package for this task.

Processing: All Tag.dyn…

I have downloaded Genius Loci package from https://dynamopackages.com/ site and used Import Library option in Dynamo

You must provide the LinkInstance like this :

There a lot of examples on the forum.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,
Thank you very much for quick help… yes it work after setting LinkInstance.