UI.MultipleInputForm ++

Good morning all,
I am writing to you because @Mostafa_El_Ayo’s nod no longer works,
under the capture.
Do you have any solutions?
Thank you


Can you zoom the picture out so we can see the Logo node? The message appears to reference image import which would most likely be the Logo field.

Thank you for your reply.
the script works fine on another computer

By that response I would say just use the other computer then if your not willing to provide any additional information to help solve it. Perhaps @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi can help you…

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Looks like Logo input is giving you this problem. If you dont need to use Logo image, i would suggest to disconnect the Logo input and Use empty string or some other string. This fixes my problems with Data.Shapes Logo input.

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Make sure you only feed the file path, and not the image from file

How are you pathing the logo? Is there something inherently different in the file structure between your workstations? Have you tried to adjust the pathing on the bad workstation?

Thank you for your answers
I had thought of the logo and I even unplugged “logo”.
on the script I did not browse anything, the logo is automatically generated on dynamo