Data-Shapes UI.ListView Data

Hi guys,

I am trying to export the parameter values of different family types to excel. I am using a Listview Data node to be able to select which parameters I want to export, so I have a list of parameter names and a list of values by family type. When I run the script instead of having a list of all the parameters from which I can select the UI shows many lists (114) with just the first 9 parameters to select from, can anyone tell what I’m doing wrong? If I select everything the outputs are right on excel but I want to be able to decide which parameters.

I’m on Revit 2022, using Dynamo and Data-Shapes 2022.2.95


First of all, welcome to the community!
Is it possible to show us a little more of the script or even share the script as a file. It probably has something to do with the way of lacing or the input of listview data. Try setting it to longest for instance.

In short, I can’t really see what is really going on in the inputs to give a clear answer.

Also, be sure to show your graph with the node previews visible so we can see what’s going through each node.

Hi guys thank you for your responses, I attach this image of all the script, hope here you can see a bit better, I have noticed that if I don’t transpose the lists of values then I can see all the Keys displayed properly in the UI but it still asks me to select the values I want to export on each family type instead of doing it for all family types at once. Hope this makes sense. I was trying to upload the script but since I’m new I cant attach files