Type family affect "bake" result?

Hi everybody, I am pretty new in the use of Dynamo.
I have a good background experience with grasshopper and rhino and now I am testing dynamo and revit for my office work.
I need a help. It is a dumb question I understand but actually I can not find a solution.

The purpose of the definition is to create a parametric cladding for a column.
What I did first is open the column (or generic model) family and then dynamo to start to prepare the definition.
I have prepared a quite big definition in dynamo ( I can see the result in dynamo canvas) but I can not see the result in revit! (I attached a screeshot below)

How can I “bake” (to use a rhino term) the result from dynamo to revit to create the shapes that I have modelled?

Is that depending by which family I am working on? Type family affect “bake” result?

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you in advance for all yours advice!



@alex_bimmologo Explore the following nodes …

Thank you @Vikram_Subbaiah ! I have tried. In my case, it works pretty well the Direct Shape by Geometry.

I have a second question then…
How can I assign different materials to different objects directly in dynamo?
and Is there a way to separete the “bake of the objects” based different materials?

Do you know something useful to this purpose?