Two stage input

Is there way to make two step input? Value which I set at the first step should be used in intermediate calculations and output of those calculations should be input of step two input. It would be perfect if it’s possible to make in the same dynamo player window.

Sample with inputs in attached file.
Two stage input.dyn (9.8 KB)
Thank you in advance.

@denisyukj ,

if it is used in player you could implement an numberslider…

@denisyukj what you can do is implement a bool node as input to decide if you execute the rest of the graph or not with a 2 runs in Dynamo Player.
1st run to fetch the desired values as output with bool node set to false, you input the desired values manually by reading them or inserting an integer slider to fetch values by index as input, you set the bool node to true then you run Dynamo Player second time.

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Look into the Datashapes UI++ nodes. :slight_smile:


Idea with DataShapes nodes works perfect for me!

Thanks for all replies!

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