How to run a routine twice, but with different values

So folks,

I made a routine that is already quite extensive, and in reality, needs to be completely run twice because it can receive two standard inputs of value.


I am currently working with the data shapes node to insert these two inputs, but in the long run, I would like to be able to not need this double user input (since the routine needs to be rotated with both values).

Ps. If anyone has an idea of how to insert these two values as a “list” feel free to comment. everything I tried in that direction didn’t work (I have a couple of months using Dynamo, so there are a lot of basic things I’m still learning).

You can use multiple datashape UI data input nodes, just create a list from them. Like this:

If you want to select multiple options, use the UI.listview data node instead:

Hello there. You can also achieve your goal with a simple python node. If you are trying to run the script to elements if the name contains a OR b, this way would be better, as you dont have to manage lists issues.
This way you would get only one list of true/false values that you can input to FilterByBoolMask.

names_list= IN[0]

for name in names_list:
	if "a" in name or "b" in name:

OUT = boolean_list

Just replace “a” and “b” in the if statement with the strings you are looking for.

Let me know if this works for you

Sorry for the delay, guys
The corona virus has been messing up my plans a little.
Both solutions worked! Thank you!