Two boundaries

I have two or more rooms…and I need boundary of this rooms and also need boundary of one big room from this two. I get boundary of two rooms with clockworks node…and then need the one…I create python that uncheck wall bounding parameter and then add second clockworks node for get boundaries…little bit modified node with if are some separated wall with parameter bounding 0…

Problem is I still get two room boundaries…how can I use first node and after off and use otther when is wall parameter bounding 0.


My question is how can I get room boundary and then other room boundary of same room with but tge green boundary…get with 1,2,3 wall with uncheck wall bounding parameter… in one way?

Hi @P_Fiala

Try ading Spring.Input.Wait to organize the sequence on actions.

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Any idea how to use…I dont know
still get only one boundary variantion??