Turning a Fence into a 3d Object from a polyline

Hello guys,

Let me set the scene. I have a few polylines that are fences in Civil 3D. My aim is to convert these polylines into a 3d object.

The figure shows what I have done so far : I have filtered to get the specific polylines that are the fences (Aita= fence), using the layer names. I’m not sure where to take it from here.

I have created solids using the surface by patch node. But as the fence polylines are not closed curves I cannot preform this. Are there any specific nodes that come to mind. Would appreciate some direction on this. Thanks!

Hi @hacharoui,

What exactly do you mean by “3D object”? There are a lot of options there…3D solid, mesh, face, etc. A sketch or more detailed description would be helpful.

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