Creating a new in Revit duct using Python script and Dynamo

Hi. I am new to Dynamo. I am working on a project and wanted to create a duct system using python code and dynamo. Can I do this? How to create a duct with the specific size? Thank you!!

Hi! Thank you. But I have already searched there and could not find. When I try to create a duct using Python Shell I need to provide 6 input: document, system type, duct type, level, start, end). I have input the document, level, start and end. But for the system type I need to create a new “Return” and “Supply” and for the duct type I need 16’ by 14’. Could you please help me with the code to interpret this in Revit Python Shell?

If you want to make dynamo create the same pipe with different sizes you need to create a parametric duct family first. Then you can change the size of the parameters with Dynamo.

you can use @T_Pover package, MEPover, to do what you wanna do :slight_smile:

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Could you please clarify more? I have no idea how to do that…

is it possible to create a duct/pipe using revit python shell only?