Duct/Pipe Insulation/Lining Not Matching Phase of Associated Duct/Pipe

Hi I was wondering if anyone had worked with selecting all ductwork or piping in a project and making sure the insulation and lining matched. I have insulation and lining having different phase created and demolished then the duct and pipes due to modeling errors. I even have duct lining with a phase demolished before the phase created somehow.


Hi, what is the end goal you want to achieve? Do you want all the ducts to have the same ‘phase created’ and ‘phase demolished’?

I am looking to get the duct insulation phase created and phase demolished to match that of the duct it is attached too.
I have the same issue for Duct Lining, Duct Insulation and Pipe Insulation. The phase of the insulation/lining does not match that of the associated duct.

You can try to select all pipes and change phase to another, press apply and then revert. Insulation should follow

I tested adjusting the phase demoed of the pipes and ducts and the insulation did change the phase demoed to match. This is half of the problem. The greater issue is that the phase created of the insulation/lining does not match the phase created of the duct/piping.


I am hoping for a dynamo script to acquire the host pipe/duct for the insulation and lining of the duct insulation. Determine the phase created/demolished of the pipe/duct and then apply the same phasing to the insulation/lining.

I have made a little bit of headway with the forum post below but not much because I am not a python guy.

You can get the insulation/lining from the duct, but I don’t know if you can go the other way. You would have to filter duct/pipe by those that have insulation or lining and then get their values.