Add insulation to Ducts/pipes

Hi guys
I am trying to add insulation to ducts by system name.
i can sort ducts into a list by system but cannot apply the insulation.

my python script (thanks nicklas) gves an error that i cant figure out.

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Im no Python pro, but have you tried feeding it multiple elements? Looks like the loop is giving you trouble, because it’s expecting a list, and not a single element.

You can’t use for loop for instance.
Try to connect selectModelElements -> List.Create -> python script
and do the same with insulation thickness

Thanks for the input, but still no luck.

Error message?
Edit: and change method to: Autodesk.Revit.DB.Mechanical.DuctInsulation.Create()

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Got it to work(with a lot of help from nicklas again)
now applies insulation to

pipes and fittings by system.

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Hello Mike_Coombe :slight_smile:

I do have to do a similar case… with some extra features i have to add.
Would you be so kind - and share us your final dynamo-script?

thx :slight_smile: matthew